Sunday, 25 December 2011

How technology has changing Quickly?

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Technology really has changed pretty much everything we do these days. The way things have been done in the past really has changed so much from today. It seems that everything that we do can now be done electronically and it's really shaping the society that we live in. The internet has also been something which has massively changed the world today and really has affected pretty much everything we do.
One thing that has really come about in recent years is the rise in not only mobile phones but smart phones too. Mobile phones are something that we all feel that we could not live without. This is because we have become so dependent on them, meaning that we all have one. In the past, if you were going to meet someone it meant that you had to be there, but now it seems that it does not matter as you can easily give them a call or a text and let them know the change of plan. Also, it means that you are easily able to be in contact with people everywhere, no matter where in the world it is that they are. Smart phones are also something which has really come about in recent years and it seems that you can now do pretty much anything with your phone. You can even use it as a sat nav, meaning that when you are out in your car and you are unsure of where to go you can easily use your phone to help you find your way. They are also able to do things such as book a holiday, sort out your finances and even put some bets on the football, all just by clicking a few buttons on your phone.
The way lessons are being taught in schools has also changed massively in recent years since the new advancements in classroom technology. Students are able to visually take part in lessons through the help of such things as interactive whiteboards. It seems that now no classroom is without an interactive whiteboard and they really help the way lessons are being taught and students are learning. In the past, a teacher would have to rely on writing things on a board which could end up being a great pain when you had to keep worrying about wiping things off. Now you can easily prepare something on the computer and have it projected onto the interactive whiteboard.

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